Announcing Enigmatica 9: Expert!

The Enigmatica Modpacks Team is pleased to present Enigmatica 9: Expert!

Come along with us to lands both familiar and new in the next installment in the Enigmatica Expert series.

The Tree of Life has been a font of magical energy in these lands since time immemorable. As magic begins to wane, it has become clear that the Druids of the Wilden Grove, whose stewardship has kept the tree healthy all these eons, have gone missing. Your Coven has sent you to set things right once more.

Begin your trek in the Twilight Forest, a somber land in decline, and face off against the creatures that now dwell there. Prove yourself, forge alliances with what amicable Fae remain, and restore the Tree of Life to its former glory.


• Experience a world where magic rules all, where all power is generated from Potions using a unique combination of Natures Aura, Ars Nouveau, and Enigmatic Unity.

• Prepare to delve deep into the earth, excavating ore and refining it through a fully customized and tiered ore processing system which blends aspects from multiple mods together for an exceptionally rewarding experience.

• Summon forth an army of friendly familiars to do everything from moving items and potions around, to defending you in combat.

• Fend off custom Apotheosis bosses, mini-bosses, and other deadly creatures to explore dungeons overflowing with custom loot to assist your quest.

• Pit yourself against waves of deadly creatures and customized bosses using Occultism rituals to summon custom rifts from Gateways to Eternity.

Good luck and have fun!

Release on 11 August 2023

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