The State of Enigmatica 8

Hey folks, since Enigmatica 8 hasn't been updated in quite a while I thought I'd give an update on where it's at, and what I'm planning.

I've been struggling to find time for modpack development ever since my family expanded 6 months ago. 😅 The little time I could muster up I focused on Enigmatica 6: Expert, at the expense of E8 sadly.

But now that the active development phase of E6E is slowly dwindling down, I thought I'd jump back into E8 and try to bring it some new life.

I began working on Enigmatica 8 v2.0.0 today, updating it to Minecraft 1.18.2 and making a bunch of changes in the process. This update will not be compatible with old worlds.

My aim for E8 v2 is to make it focused on exploring and adventuring, with a wide range of dungeon and worldgen mods. It will of course also include a nice selection of tech and magic mods, as the Enigmatica packs always do. 😁

Thanks for your continued patience. and thanks for reading!

- Niller

At the moment there are no plans to make an expert mode for Enigmatica 8, as we simply won't have the time to make it before Minecraft 1.19 is released and we begin on Enigmatica 9.

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